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Maida has successfully completed thousands of new construction and rehabilitation projects, beginning with an idea or concept and finishing with startup procedures and commissioning. Our talented, creative, and highly educated staff of experienced engineers delivers personalized attention on every project, regardless of scope, location, or complexity. Our projects range from designing new offices, state-of-the-art conference rooms, and command centers to major retrofitting and system modernization projects for large industrial facilities and national monuments.

One of our recently completed projects involved engineering, design, construction management, system integration, and commissioning for the replacement of a medium voltage wound rotor and DC motor with a new 19,000 HP synchronous motor within a confined space. The motor’s auxiliary systems and components included new couplings, supports, cooling systems, PLC controls, and a 36-pulse variable-frequency drive. We took on this project from conception through completion and startup.

Supporting an Impressive Range of Industries

At Maida, the industries we serve are as diverse as the projects we complete. In the last few years, we have performed MEP designs for a commercial kitchen, a Tier IV data center, and a state-of-the-art portal conference room. We have also performed total design services using sub-consultants and subcontractors for the design and design/build of new and retrofit projects for new and existing cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, wastewater, and manufacturing plants, as well as other types of industrial plants.
Our professionals have also used their knowledge, skills, and experience to perform studies, develop projects, and provide the basis of design for:
  • Complex elevator systems in national monuments
  • Rides and show control systems in major theme parks
  • Energy conservation projects
  • On-site power generation projects
  • Electrical cost-saving projects
  • Industrial processes
  • The design/build of numerous PLC-based control systems
  • Arc flash studies
  • Additional power system studies
Regardless of the project, we maintain our strong commitment to energy conservation, personnel safety, and a clean environment.

Our Professionals

Our team of engineering experts includes many of the foremost leaders of national organizations, including the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering. Our engineers adopt the Engineer’s Creed as written by the National Society of Professional Engineers.