Company History

Maida Engineering, Inc. is a professional multi-discipline engineering and architectural firm founded in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania by Joseph Maida in 1978. The company’s original focus was electrical engineering. The company has since grown to accomodate industrial, commercial and theme park clients all over the world. Responding to the needs and requests of our clients, Maida gradually expanded its capabilites to include HVAC, automation/controls, mechanical, and architectural services. Additionally, opening an office in Orlando, Florida has allowed us to increase our level of service to a broader geographical area.Our staff includes electrical, control/automation, and mechanical engineers and designers as well as architects. They possess a wide range of experience in the design and design/build of new facilites and the renovation of existing facilities. This same range of experiences allows the lessons learned in one facility to be applied to the challenges of another.

Maida Engineering, Inc. has consistently built long lasting relationships by provided its customers with high quality design and exceptional service. This has been demonstrated by having in excess of 90% repeat business. Our customers have also appreciated seeing the same people working on their projects year after year. Even with the recent addition of several new employees, the average stay for our staff is well over 10 years.

Integrity, honesty and quality engineering is what Maida Engineering has been known for in the past and will proudly maintain in the future.

Service oriented, project driven success.