Maida Engineering, Inc. has successfully completed thousands of new and rehabilitation projects starting from an idea or concept and ending with startup and commissioning. Our creative, talented, and highly educated staff of experienced engineers provide personalized attention on every project, no matter what the size, where it is located or how simple or complex. Projects range from designs for a new office or state of the art conference room or command centers to the major retrofit and system modernization projects for national monuments and large industrial facilities. One recently completed project included the engineering, design, construction management, system integration and commissioning for the replacement of a medium voltage wound rotor and DC motor with a new 19,000 HP synchronous motor within a confined space. The motor’s auxiliary systems and components included new couplings, supports, cooling systems, PLC controls, and a 36 pulse variable frequency drive. The project was taken from concept through completion and startup.

The industries we serve are as diverse as the projects we perform. In just the last few years we have performed MEP designs for commercial kitchen, a Tier IV data center, state of the art portal conference room, and total design services utilizing sub-consultants and sub-contractors for the design and design/ build for new and retrofit projects for existing and new cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste water, manufacturing and other types of industrial plants. We have also utilized our combined years of knowledge to perform studies, develop projects and providing basis of designs for complex elevator systems in a national monuments, for rides and show control systems for major theme parks, for energy conservation, on site power generation and electrical cost savings projects, for industrial processes, for the design/build of numerous PLC based control systems and for many power system studies including arc flash studies for all types of plants and buildings. Maida Engineering, Inc. has designed and build systems that create flames and has designed and managed the construction of fire suppression and alarm and has performed many hazard operations studies involving volatile liquids and gases and combustible dust.

All of our work is done with a strong commitment to a clean environment, energy conservation, and personnel safety. Many of the foremost leaders in national organizations such as the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering have and/or are currently employed by Maida Engineering, Inc All of our engineers adopt the Engineer’s Creed as written by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

“As a professional engineer, I dedicate my professional knowledge and skill to the advancement and betterment of human welfare. I pledge to give the utmost of performance, to participate in none but honest enterprise, to live and work according to the laws of man and the highest standards of professional conduct, to place service before profit, honor, and understanding of the profession before personal advantage, and the public welfare above all considerations. In humility and with the need for divine guidance, I make this pledge.”

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Maida Engineering Inc. has served the Pharmaceutical Industry for many years for customers such as Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Merck & Company, Wyeth-Ayerst, Cardinal Health, Glaxo Smithkline and others. We have provided multi-discipline services to these clients for both facility and cGMP projects. Some notable projects are listed below:

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